Installation WIN How to correctly install Navié Effex (Win) All 2.60.26
Installation OSX How to correctly install Navié Effex (OSX) All 2.80.03
Online Services Online Updates and License Management All 2.60.26


Liquid Simulation  NEW Quickstart creating a liquid simulation All 2.70.60
Smoke & Fire Simulation (soon) Another quickstart for smoke & fire simulations All 2.70.60


Simulation Pipeline Scenes, nodes and their execution All 2.50.02
Interface Overview of Effex specific elements All 2.50.05
Node Styling Introduction to node styling Beginner 2.57.02


Grids Fundamentals Grids and their simulation All 2.50.02
Temperature Simulation Smoke Simulation with Temperature Beginner 2.50.12
Caching Grids Caching Smoke/Temp/Fire Simulations Beginner 2.50.12
Creating Obstacles  NEW Explains the basic requirements for a valid volume obstacle Beginner 2.60.60


Particles Fundamentals Particles and their simulation All 2.50.03
Creating Liquid Setup Extending a particle setup to Liquids Beginner 2.50.10
Caching Particles Caching particle simulations Beginner 2.50.10


POP::Follow Spline The POP::Follow Spline operator Beginner 2.60.40
GeoVariance The GeoVariance object Beginner 2.60.40
Particle Tracer The Particle Tracer node Beginner 2.60.42
Particle Conversion Particle Age and Conversion Intermediate 2.60.50


POP::Converter In depth look at the POP::Converter Intermediate 2.60.60
Attractor, Mesher & Sampler NodeGroups & velocity based mesh colors Beginner 2.70.60
Foam & Spray  NEW Whole process of creating, simulating and rendering foam & spray Intermediate 2.70.70
(Foam & Spray) KrakatoaSR Rendering  NEW Follow-up tutorial to render Foam & Spray with Krakatoa Intermediate 2.70.70


Pipeline Viewer Introduces the Pipeline Viewer All 2.50.01
MOP::Smoother Shows how to set up a mesh smoother Intermediate 2.50.01
MOP::Curvature Set up mesh curvature & for use in an emitter Intermediate 2.50.01
Emitter::Particle In Volume A few Particle In Volume settings explained Intermediate 2.50.01
Emitter::Particle On Mesh Uniformly emit particles on a surface using iterations Intermediate 2.50.01
Two-Way Coupling Shows how to set up rigid bodies and two-way coupling Intermediate 2.50.01

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