Xtrudy is an alternative to the native Cinema 4D Extrude object which suffers greatly from bad boundary polygons describing the caps' surface in subdivision mode. This makes it impractical for deformations or further manual editing.

Xtrudy avoids this by creating caps with evenly distributed polygons, this allows correct deformations at the outlines. But that's not all. It allows you to adaptively control the triangle size to get more triangles in areas of interest.

Here is a list of features (distinctive from C4D's native Extrude object):
  • Evenly distributed triangulations (Delaunay) minimizing bad polygons
  • Adaptive triangle size control for hull & holes
  • Control adaptivity with splines
  • Relaxation & Smoothing post operations
  • Extented UVW data control
  • Automatic Selection tags for each and every surface generated
  • Automatic VertexMap tag containing adaptivity weights
  • Custom fillet profile spline
  • Refinement tool for interactive adaptivity control
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Introduction Xtrudy
This introduction video gives you an overview on how Xtrudy works.

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