2.8 Preview
In November 2016 Effex 2.8 will be released which will bring again new state-of-the-art technologies and several toolset enhancements.
Some of them are unique features only available to Cinema 4D users (and no other publically available simulation application) at the time of release again making Effex a pioneer in the field of FX.

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Effex 2.8 will have a new state-of-the-art APIC solver added to its toolset which eliminates all the known FLIP solver "problems".

  • Completely conserves angular motion (vorticity)
  • Remains stable independant of the sparsity or clumping of particles
  • Is basically noise free
Also check out these comparisons for even more APIC fun:
Velocity Noise APIC - FLIP
Vortex Preservation APIC - FLIP I
Vortex Preservation APIC - FLIP II


OpenVDB has quickly emerged to an open industry standard when it comes to handling volumetric data. Most modern renderers like Octane, Arnold etc. can natively load OpenVDB files for memory efficient volume rendering. But also FX pipelines (Inhouse & public) and (V)FX applications like Houdini support OpenVDB, which makes OpenVDB a top-choice.

Effex 2.8 strikes again and will have OpenVDB 3.x import and export support (just another file type in the GOP::Cacher node) making all Effex volumetric data natively available to those aforementioned exchange/render options and any future application that supports OpenVDB.


Get Funky! Effex 2.8 will have a sound node and a corresponding sound constraint to control other framework nodes via sound amplitude and sound frequency.

Here emitted Particles are colored based on frequency in polar coordinate space (0 - 180 degrees) and temporally darkened the nearer it gets to the end of the video. At the bottom particles are killed based on frequency in cartesian coordinate space(-450cm - 450cm).

Turn on your speakers and pump up the volume for maximum fun!


GPU Support is a hot topic in the VFX industry. Effex 2.8 starts stepping into this area by introducing a unique OpenCL GPU operator!

The new OP::OpenCL node provides access to and operates on all Effex GPU simulation data (hence the prefix 'OP::' instead of 'GOP::' or 'POP::').
Artists & TDs can use the OpenCL kernel programming language (C99) to directly modify the data on all available GPUs (vendor independant!).
This happens at full operational speed.

This is just the beginning. In the future other existing nodes will receive OpenCL GPU love (for example the POP::Advection node can already leverage the GPU in Effex 2.8).


Constraints have seen a great update providing the artist with arbitrary colorizing options and settings to control how these colors blend together, while this coloring works for particles and grid channels!


The new levelset channel allows to generate dynamically merging/splitting free surfaces which remain always smooth by nature.

For this teaser I used a single levelset channel (initialised from a mesh) and used the GOP::Advection operator to set the levelset in motion. Driven by a vortex and a curl force this allows to deform the initial mesh shape arbitrarily without having to think about polygon intersection, too few polygons, particles or alike (which is the beauty of levelsets).

Especially for liquid simulations and abstract shape evolution in motion graphics this is a great addition to the toolset.

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