The EFFEX Indie version is directed at
  • independant individuals
  • one-man show freelancers
  • teachers
(Hereinafter Indie entities)
These mostly have limited resources but still want or need to work commercially.

With the Indie version we give out a limited commercial license that allows Indie entities to create commercial work using the full feature set Effex has to offer while keeping the costs low. Especially startup companies require low entry points to get started and not having a fortune to spend yet.

It has a few limitations and license conditions coming along with it that separate it from the full commercial license which can be seen in the following list:

Condition Indie Commercial
Licensor Gross revenue less than 75K € (100K $-US) Irrelevant
Max. Render Resolution 1920 px Unlimited
Commercial Work Yes Yes
License Server Support No Yes
Floating license Support Max. 1 license Unlimited
Upgradable No (only free service updates) Yes
Max. Particle Count 5 Million Unlimited
Max. Grid Cells 8 Million Unlimited
Scene files Cannot be shared with Commercial Cannot be shared with Indie
Cache Export files Effex only All supported
Cache Import files All supported All supported

NOTE: Indie licenses can be upgraded to Commercial licenses (by paying the difference) as long as it's the same core version.

Effex Indie licenses can be ordered in our online shop or from one of our resellers .

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