Effex for C4D (2.70.77)
Fully functional trial version for Cinema 4D R16 or higher. Explicitly for testing purposes only.
Paid work of any type or using it in any relation to commercial work is strictly prohibited with the trial version.

Expires after 30 days.

Demo Serial Number

Make sure to use the online updater (Online Services) after installation to run the most current version.

Bonus Material

License Server Note
Demo cannot be tested in a license server environement.
Minimum System Requirements
» Graphics Card with OpenGL
» Windows 7 / OSX 10.7
» Cinema4D R16 (64-Bit)
Recommended specifications
» MultiCore System
» 24GB RAM (the more the better)

Check out this very helpful video guide that shows how and where to exactly install Effex.
The procedure is the same no matter which Cinema 4D version you are running.

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